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Address: National Highway, Barangay Macabling, City Of Santa Rosa, Laguna
Telephone Nos. (049) 8372811
Fax No. (049) 8372809

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do when a relative dies?
Whatever the circumstances of death, one of your first calls should be to a licensed funeral director. He or she may help you:
  • transport the body

  • obtain a death certificate

  • select a casket, urn and/or grave marker

  • arrange the funeral, memorial and/or burial service

  • prepare the obituary

  • help you notify the deceased's employer, attorney, insurance company and banks

  • offer grief support or direct you to other resources

If you don't have a licensed funeral director yet, then you may consult our accredited licensed funeral director or visit their office at :
National Hi-Way, Brgy. Macabling, Sta. Rosa, Laguna
Telephone No. (049) 534-1000, (049) 837-2615
Fax No. (049) 837-1464
Mobile No. (0918) 911-1114

If you already have a memorial lot in Centennial Garden, then all you have to do is visit our office and schedule the interment. Our memorial lots are assignable which means lot owners may allow anyone to use the property, provided the lot to be used is fully paid.
But if you don't have a memorial lot yet, then you may consult our accredited agents or visit our office. Lots to be used and interment fee should be fully settled.

Why should I invest in Centennial Garden?
  • Big discounts for cash sales

  • Flexible payment terms of up to five (5) years for crypt, lawn lot and garden estate

  • Flexible payment terms of up to ten (10) years for family estate

  • Free insurance coverage (for installment purchase)

  • Transferability and assignability of lots

  • Anti-inflationary

  • Sure return on investment

  • Lasting maintenance of the memorial park through the Perpetual Care Fund (PCF)

  • Immediate and correct processing of contracts

Can I buy in installment?
Yes, but only on pre-need availment. Memorial lots in Centennial Garden may be settled in cash or installment terms up to a maximum of 5 years for crypt, lawn lot, premium single niche and garden estate and maximum of 10 years for family estates.

What is the size of one lot?
All lots in Centennial Garden have a standard dimension measuring 1 x 2.50 meters or 2.50 square meters, regardless of classification (Standard, Deluxe, Classic and Supreme) and type (Lawn, Premium Single Niche, Garden, and Family Estate). Garden and Family Lots are bigger than a Lawn Lot because it is composed of several lots and sold per block.

How many remains can a single lot hold?
It will depend on your chosen option of interment. You may choose from:
  • Two (2) full fresh/decomposed body interments

  • One (1) full fresh/decomposed body interment and four (4) sets of bone remains

  • Eight (8) sets of bone remains

Are interment fees included when I purchase memorial lots?
No. Centennial Garden sells products (memorial lots) and offers services (interment). In buying memorial lots, you only invest for the ownership of the lot and neither for the interment nor for the construction services.

If I buy Premium Single Niche, Garden Estate or Family Estate property, will it include a niche and structural construction?
No, in buying Premium Single Niche, Garden Estate or Family Estate properties, construction of niches and mausoleum are not yet included, but our accredited construction company (Southstate Construction) can provide for your construction needs.

What if a loved one passes away while I'm still paying for my lots?
The lots to be used for interment should be settled first. All lots to be used for interment and/or construction of niche and mausoleum should be fully paid.

Can I transfer the Certificate of Ownership of my lot/s to others?
Yes, memorials lots in Centennial Garden are transferable. That Is why we encourage purchase for investment because you can easily transfer lots anytime you want to sell your properties.

Can I transfer remains from other cemetery?
Yes, as long as you manage the exhumation of the remains from other cemetery or memorial parks (with secured transfer permits from local government offices concerned), then Centennial Garden will take care of placing your love one's remains in our memorial park.

Can I avail sales discounts when I buy lot in cash?
Yes, Centennial Garden gives cash sales discount depending on the type of cash sale the lot is settled.
  • Spot Cash - 15%

  • Modified Cash - 15%

  • 30 Days Cash - 10%

  • 60 Days Cash - 5%

Do lots have insurance? How can I avail?
Free insurance coverage is exclusively available for installment buyers. A creditor's group life insurance (CGLI) assumes payment of the outstanding balance with no maximum face value when the installment buyer dies. A buyer must be of legal age, not more than 60 years old, to undergo the 12-months contestability period, and with updated payments.